4 Steps Deep Dive: The Two-Day In-House Workshop for Business & Functional Leaders

NOTE: This is ideally delivered as an in-house workshop, with the full participation of the management team for a single organization.

In this extended two-day deep dive, which is designed for Business Heads (CEOs, MDs, GMs) and Functional Heads (Commercial, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Operations, IT, Procurement, etc…) we get into the detailed mechanics and the implementation of each of the elements embedded into the first four steps of the six steps to a massively growing better business, and that deliver guaranteed growth for the business both at the top line, as well as at the bottom line.

This comprehensive package is guaranteed to deliver growth in your business, and it includes:

  • The 4-Step Deep Dive Workshop, Covering Mastery, Niche, Leverage & Team
  • Mindset Positioning
  • Leader Psychometric Assessments
  • Individual Pre-Workshop Leader Interviews
  • Case Studies & Discussion
  • Detailed Workbook
  • Powerful Business & Personal Growth Models that are immediately implementable in the business


Business Owners: Founders, Partners, Entrepreneurs, Owner / Operators
Business Heads: CEOs, MDs, GMs (or any other title with a bottom line responsibility)
Functional Heads: Commercial, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Operations, IT, Procurement...